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Rely on the power and accuracy of the World Climate Service to inform your commodity trading, climate insight, and risk management decisions.

Save time by having all necessary long-range forecast information available at your fingertips through the WCS portal.


Seasonal Climate Forecasts - Forecasts of climate conditions from 1 to 6 months in advance

Subseasonal Climate Forecasts - Weather and climate prediction from 2 to 6 weeks in advance



Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive Approach

The World Climate Service provides a unique combination of forecast and analysis tools to uncover predictability and maximize success.

Probability & Confidence

The World Climate Service enables high-value decision making with a rigorous approach to probabilistic forecasting. Identifying high probability “forecasts of opportunity” allows customers to make decisions confidently.

Data-Driven Services

The World Climate Service empowers user decision systems by providing automated data feeds. Quantitative forecasts of industry-specific variables allow clients to make weather-sensitive decisions with confidence.

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