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World Climate Service
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A US energy trading market-focused subseasonal degree-day forecasts, data, and information.

Created using the probabilistic long-range tools that make the World Climate Service the best long-range forecasting climate service available.


US Subseasonal Forecast Report - 

  • Delivered to your inbox Tue & Fri before markets open
  • Degree day, wind, and solar for US power and EIA gas regions
  • Frontpage summary and week 3, 4, and 5 detailed forecasts and analysis
  • Created by energy market experienced meteorologist



  • Understand the development of market moving weather events before your competition
  • Find opportunities and manage risks with forecasts beyond the range of traditional weather forecasts

Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive Approach

The World Climate Service provides a unique combination of forecast and analysis tools to uncover predictability and maximize success.

Probability & Confidence

The World Climate Service enables high-value decision-making with a rigorous approach to probabilistic forecasting. Identifying high probability “forecasts of opportunity” allows customers to make decisions confidently.

Data-Driven Services

The World Climate Service empowers user decision systems by providing automated data feeds. Quantitative forecasts of industry-specific variables allow clients to make weather-sensitive decisions with confidence.

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